Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation & Tinting Mosinee Wisconsin
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Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation

Prevent permanent damage due to vandalism with expertly tailored application of anti-graffiti window tinting. Specially designed to protect reflective surfaces ranging from glass to stainless steel, properly installed anti-graffiti window films can help reduce the cost of replacement glass and other surfaces. 

• Surface protection against most scratches, acid etching, gouges and tagging
• Easy removal
• A fraction of the cost of new glass
• 99% UV rejection helps reduce fading of display merchandise


How Does Anti-Graffiti Film Work?

Commercial Anti-Graffiti Window Film protects your commercial business from unwanted tagging and vandalism. The film acts as a protective barrier over your glass surface. If tagging occurs, the graffiti film can be removed, leaving a clean glass surface intact, without the need for an expensive full window replacement or time-consuming cleaning.

Graffiti window film can be applied to vertical and sloped glass, mirrors, and stainless steel surfaces. This makes it the perfect film choice for your office building, storefront, buses, and cars.