How Businesses Can Greatly Benefit from Quality Security Window Films
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How Businesses Can Greatly Benefit from Quality Security Window Films

Windows—particularly glass windows–may be great in providing natural light for your office, but they also offer the perfect opportunity for determined intruders to enter, steal, and wreak havoc in your property. Experts say that intruders usually have 10 to 15 minutes to do their deed, especially if you aren’t using your windows as an additional security layer. To dissuade intruders and would-be thieves, consider installing a security window film as added protection.


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How Security Films Can Help

For public buildings, places of business, and even homes, windows and doors are considered the most vulnerable to intruders and other threats. These provide the easiest points of entry for miscreants who aim to vandalize or burglarize a property. Glass doors and windows, in particular, can make a property more inviting to criminals who can see through them to what’s inside. Glass is also generally a weak point for extreme weather conditions.

As added protection to their properties, more businesses are now investing in security films. Not only do the films help prevent damage to the glass, and slow down or even stop the entry of thieves and intruders; they also offer a measure of protection from the hazards of glass fragments during a strong storm.


Tried and Tested

Security films that are available today have been tested to meet the same break safe standards required for tempered, laminated, and heat-strengthened glass. Often, window manufacturers will base their standards on actual laboratory tests to ensure that their products will provide buildings and homes adequate protection.


Will It Completely Stop Intruders?

As security films will prevent glass from shattering, they can effectively slow down burglars’ operations, which could dissuade them completely, or cause them to flee before they could successfully enter the premises.

It’s certainly possible to deter intruders altogether from breaking into your property by ensuring that the film is affixed to the window frame. Doing so transfers the pressure or load applied to the filmed glass to the entire glazed opening, thus providing an additional protection against intrusion.

A perfect example of how security film for windows benefits a building is the case of a hospital in Texas, an area known to be prone to hurricanes and tropical storms. Once the security films have been in place, the hospital staff no longer needed to worry about glass damages due to natural disasters.

Your office, too, can reap these benefits from a high quality security film, skillfully installed by window professionals like those from Window Enhancements LLC.



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