Safari Home Bevent WI| Residential Window Tinting
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Safari Home – Bevent, Wisconsin

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The owner of this beautiful custom home in Bevent, Wisconsin had an extensive collection of big game hunting trophies to protect, displayed in an expansive living area he referred to as his “safari room”.

With many large window areas, in order to protect interior woodwork, furnishings, and animal exhibits from damaging UV light and to reduce glare and increase occupant comfort, we installed a 3M™ UV-filtering window film.

Since the design of the window film in this case is to filter UV rays without compromising window views, depending on the light the difference in the before and after photos is subtle.  Look for the sharper images of the background landscape outside and the reduced glare, resulting from the filtering out of the UV rays from the outside.

Call us today to find out how custom installed glare-reducing window films from 3M™ can help protect and preserve your furnishings, carpets, and valuable possessions.