Safer Schools With Window Security Film Solutions
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Using Window Safety Film To Make Our Schools Safer

Glass windows can be incredibly fragile, making them a great entryway for intruders who can’t get past a locked door.  Even when a window is reinforced, that doesn’t mean it will always hold up to many of the dangerous realities of this world.  This has been driven home tragically in recent years with the atrocities and mass murders committed by terrorist fanatics as well as by mentally deranged individuals.


Real-life Examples

In light of incidents such as the Sandy Hook school shootings in 2012, the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013,  and civil disturbances such as occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and other cities in 2014,  applying a bomb blast mitigation or security film to windows could potentially save many lives by reducing injuries caused by flying glass, or by slowing down the perpetrator while attempting to enter a building. 


This may allow more time for intended victims to seek shelter or safety, and more time for police and responder teams to arrive.


In the case of the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the assailant was able to gain entry to a locked school facility by shooting through the plate glass of the entry doors, shattering it so he could climb through.

Sandy Hook Shootings Newtown Connecticut


We have a special connection to the Newtown, which is the home of Dick’s daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren.


It is entirely possible that many lives could have been saved had better reinforced windows with protective safety film been in place at the school, which would have prevented or at least significantly slowed the entry of the assailant into the building.


Preventing The Tragedies Of Tomorrow



Even here in Mosinee, Wisconsin we feel the intense heartbreak of the people of Newtown, and we have been working to do our part to build a future where this kind of incident might not be able occur.


Windows with a safety film on them are able to provide precious time for people to avoid becoming victims as a result of such forced entry because they’re much more difficult to shatter, deterring or preventing an intruder from entering a room.


As an added bonus they’re also much better for heat insulation, so there are immediate benefits even if the unthinkable  never happens.


Think about how helpful these film-reinforced windows could be in prisons, airports, government buildings, or any other high security location.


Be Ready

Public safety is such a real concern these days, it’s only reasonable precaution that we do everything we can to use the materials and techniques at our disposal to provide for better public safety and security.


Window Enhancements LLC is helping to open the door to a safer tomorrow in public spaces across the nation.


To find out more about about our reinforced window technology and security window film installation, fill out our FREE, no-obligation quote form today!