Secure Your Home From Intruders With Window Security Film
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Secure Your Home from Intruders with Security Film for Windows

When it comes to protecting your family, you should start by making your home a little more secure. While there are ways to beef up your doors and locks, there are some other steps you can take that may prove to be more effective. The truth is that making your home more secure can be as simple as turning your property into a less appealing target then your neighbors.

Protect Your Home from Intruders with a Security Film for Windows

Hiding Places

The first thing criminals look for is hiding places. This is why you should look at your landscaping and lighting with a critical eye. The goal is to eliminate those dark shadows and keep the bushes trimmed back so that people cannot hide near your home. When you take a critical look at your home exterior, you’ll start to see the potential problem areas that should be addressed.


The Window Test

When a thief comes up to your home, he may push on the glass to get a feel for how thick it is and how easily it will break. They’re perfectly happy to punch through a sidelight window if it means that they can reach the deadbolt on the door and stroll right in.

With security film for windows, they won’t be able to get through the opening. While the glass will still break, the film will hold everything in place like a car’s windshield in an accident. It will take longer than they expected to gain entry, and most criminal will go off in search of a new target at that point.


Out of Sight and Out of Temptation

Take a walk around your house during the day to see what’s visible through the windows. When people can stand on the sidewalk and see your high-end television through the open window, your house becomes a more appealing target. Keep valuables out of sight from the street, and pull the blinds at night. You can also have windows tinted slightly to block the exterior view while maintaining your own line of vision.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on pricey alarms and the high-end door locks. While those items are fine, you’ll see that these easy changes like investing in a security window film are just as effective without breaking the budget.

Make your home less appealing to potential criminals by investing in a couple of security features, cleaning up the landscaping, and keeping valuables where they cannot be seen through windows.


Impact test

Before a security film for windows is approved for production and supply, it first undergoes an impact test to know its breaking point. The test involves repeatedly dropping a 150-lb object on the glass pane coated security film. If the glass does not break apart after a predetermined number of drops, it moves up to the next test, which involves dropping a 400-pound object.

Security films such as Vista® Safety and Security Films, pass and exceed the tests. With a film that can hold window glass shards produced by a 400-lb force, you can definitely deter criminal elements from breaking your window and intruding your home or shop. This is a better alternative to traditional iron grids that obstruct your view of your beautiful backyard or street.


Tint It

If you want the best of both worlds, quality security window film is the way to go. Low-cost tinting solution from companies like Window Enhancements, LLC can let natural light in and keep prying eyes (not to mention heat) out. This way, you won’t have to worry about turning on the lights at daytime, while keeping any snoopers outside frustrated.

Installing window security film yourself is as straightforward as drawing a straight line, but it’s better to have an expert do it. The material may come with an additional set of instructions from the manufacturer and require special installation tools and techniques to allow optimum function and effect.

Some tinted security window films can also provide smash resistance to your windows or patio doors, however the installation of a proper glass retention system for true smash security is dependent on the construction of your windows, whether they are wood, vinyl, or metal, or are one large surface vs. separate smaller panes.  Call the window film specialists at Window Enhancements LLC for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs.

Unlike blinds and drapes, window film needs little to no maintenance. Just keep the film away from ammonia-based cleaners and sharp objects to prevent wearing and scratches. Other than that, you can clean the windows normally. You don’t even have to worry about gathering dust or a jammed mechanism.

Don’t wait for your living room to be a victim to burglars. Take the initiative by having window security film installed and protect your privacy.


Installation process

There are two types of film you can install on your home windows—light reflector and light absorber. The former has a shiny surface that reflects light and heat back to the atmosphere, while the latter has a minimal shin but is thick enough to prevent heat and light from penetrating.

When installing a security window film, the first thing to do is to thoroughly clean the window to remove debris that can reduce the film’s efficiency. The film is laid carefully from the top rolling down to the bottom of the glass right after the adhesive is completely applied. Then the edge of the film is caulked to the side of the window to prevent it from peeling off.

Security film installation requires skills and experience to be executed well. Poorly installed window films are prone to quick peeling and damage. Consider hiring Window Enhancements LLC to provide and install security window films for your windows.

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