Three Maintenance Tips For Home Window Tinting That Will Help You
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Three Maintenance Tips For Home Window Tinting That Will Help You

Three Maintenance Tips For Home Window Tinting That Will Help You

Residential window tinting is an excellent enhancement to your home. It offers a lot of benefits that older window models may not be able to provide. With window tinting, you can receive protection from ultraviolet rays, which can cause health risks to your family and even damage to the other furniture in your house.

A tinted window film also helps cut down on energy costs by regulating the temperature inside. During hot summer days, it helps keep the air indoors cool, saving on of cooling costs.


Given these, it’s a wise decision to have installed a window tint. However, the job doesn’t end there. Like any other aspects of your home, you should also maintain your tinted windows. This way, they can remain efficient for a long time. It’s not that difficult to clean tinted windows. You just have to learn how. Here are some tips that can help you out.

  1.  Avoid harsh cleaning solutions

There’s no need for strong cleaning chemicals to maintain home window tinting. Strong household or commercial cleaning solutions that have harsh chemicals such as ammonia (such as Windex® or other common window and glass cleaning products) will actually damage your tinted windows rather than take care of them, and will quickly lead to blotches, fading, and peeling.

A simple combination of water and a mild soap is the most recommended, safe, and effective solution for cleaning tinted windows. A small squirt of inexpensive baby shampoo mixed with 32 ounces of water in a household spray bottle provides a gentle yet effective cleaning solution.

Just spray the solution onto the film covering your window enough to dampen the surface, and gently wipe clean with a clean cotton or microfiber cleaning cloth.

For heavier buildups of dirt and grime you may need to spray again and re-wipe.  Use a clean area of your cloth, or a fresh clean cloth.  Use a dry cotton or microfiber cloth to gently dry the surface and buff away any minor smears.

  1. Use soft materials

Rough paper towels, window scrapers, scrub pads, or other abrasive materials are a big no-no when cleaning tinted windows as they will scratch and damage the films. For wiping the windows, use only soft cotton towels or a microfiber cleaning cloth.

  1. Replace cheap, worn-out, damaged DIY  mass-market window film with high-grade quality window and privacy films professionally installed by Window Enhancements LLC

High-quality commercial-grade window films like those professionally installed by Window Enhancements LLC are warranted against material defects and installation issues for the lifetime of your windows.  Cheap consumer window films and Do-It-Yourself kits won’t perform as well and will generally last only a few years before bubbling, peeling, splitting, or fading. 

Following these tips can help you keep your tinted windows clean and maintained, which is important to make the most of them. Taking care of them can also prolong their lifespan, giving you more value for your money.


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