Privacy Window Film Installed At Planet Fitness Rothschild WI
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Window Enhancements Installs Privacy Window Film At New Planet Fitness Location In Rothschild

Dick Peterson of Window Enhancements LLC applies privacy window film to glass at Planet Fitness location in Rothschild, WI

Dick Peterson of Window Enhancements LLC applies privacy window film to glass at new Planet Fitness location in Rothschild, Wisconsin

Decorative privacy window films are professionally-installed adhesive films that can be retroactively applied to any flat glass surface to turn it into a privacy-enhancing work of art.

Offices, restaurants, bathrooms, and fitness gyms are just some of the locations where decorative window films are used to both enhance privacy and improve the aesthetics of an interior area.

Preserve Ambient Light

Decorative films both solid and in a variety of decorative patterns diffuse light and provide visual screening without sacrificing ambient light.  As a result, any existing window or glass area can be converted to a privacy glass.

Decorative films are ideal for situation that require day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light levels.

Commercial Uses

Commercial applications are found in banks, restaurants, health clubs, hotel foyers, conference rooms, and office partitioning.

Commercial buildings are increasingly being designed or finished with internal glass walls used as partitioning.  This leads to greater work productivity as well as the illusion of more space by allowing in more natural light while offering visual privacy.

Finished privacy film installation at Planet Fitness location in Rothschild, WI

[Planet Fitness – Rothschild, WI]  Finished privacy film installation to glass  provides privacy while letting in light and allowing gym patrons to see out.

Home & Residential

Residential applications include bathrooms, entry doors, sidelights, solariums, and more.

An additional benefit is that the entire look of a room or space can be transformed by simply stripping off the previously-applied decorative film, and replacing it with a different design and/or color.

While not their primary purpose, decorative window films enhance window safety by holding the glass together in the case of a shattering event, and can provide a certain degree of light filtering or reduction.

Safety & Tinting Films

For applications specifically needing high-strength shatter resistance, reflectivity, or UV/IR light filtration, see our window films specially engineered for those purposes, either instead of or in addition to the use of a decorative privacy film.

Our commercial grade professionally installed window films can be installed onto double or triple-paned windows, wire glass, tempered glass, plate glass, and gas-filled windows.

Free Consultation

For a no-obligation consultation regarding which of our professional-grade privacy, decorative, safety, anti-graffiti, or light filtering tinted window films is right for your needs,  fill out our FREE quote form or contact Dick Peterson at 715-571-2466