Window Enhancements LLC Installs Window Tinting Film at Mens Wearhouse
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Window Enhancements Installs Window Tinting Film At New Men’s Wearhouse Store In Rib Mountain

Applying window film at new Men's Wearhouse location in Rib Mountain, Wisconsin

Dick Peterson of Window Enhancements LLC installs UV-filtering window tinting film to the glass front of the new Men’s Wearhouse retail store in Rib Mountain, Wisconsin.


The large glass fronts on most retail store locations present multiple concerns for retailers and store owners.

While the large glass areas provide a sense of openness that draws customers into a store, that same glass area allows in vast amounts of merchandise-fading UV light – affecting store inventory, signage, and fixtures. 

The effects of direct sun can also produce uncomfortable thermal “hot spots” and glare in certain areas of the sale floor, and during certain times of the day when the sun is low in the sky and streaming in the large glass facade, can produce uncomfortable glare for both shoppers and staff.

In the summertime, this incoming sunlight can lead to increased air conditioning loads and increased utility costs.  In the wintertime the large glass areas are a key area of heat loss and condensation.

Even modern commercial glass which has been manufactured with low-emissions and filtering layers or coatings may not be up to the task of adequately controlling the passage of heat and light through the glass.


Prevent Damage, Lower Costs

In these cases an additional layer of filtering window film can be fitted and installed onto the existing glass, providing exactly the right balance of light filtration, tinting, privacy, and reflectivity desired – preventing inventory damage and improving staff and shopper comfort.

Unlike those DIY window tinting “kits” available in many home and hardware stores, professional and commercial-grade window films professionally installed by trained technicians like Dick Peterson of Window Enhancements LLC come with an installation and materials guarantee against peeling, cracking, or fading. 

Depending on the application, such professionally-installed window treatments can last for years, and perhaps even the life of the window.


Improved ROI

Compared to the cost of actual window replacement, light and heat filtering window films enjoy a quick ROI, and provide a vast improvement in the comfort of a room or retail space.

As an added benefit, most professionally-installed window films will provide a certain level of shatter resistance to the glass area, keeping the glass together and reducing the risk of injury by flying glass in the event of a wind storm or tornado.

For high-security applications, high-strength security window films can also be  installed, which along with a glass retention system will thwart or greatly slow any attempts by a burglar, vandal, or active shooter to gain access into the building by smashing the glass. 

Privacy films can provide a desired amount of visual screening, while still allowing in light.

Anti-grafitti films can also protect the businesses investment in their glass fronts, by providing a layer of protection against paint, marker, chemicals and even gouging or scratching.  Short of an actual smashing attack, it is much less expensive to strip off and replace the layer of damaged window film, than it is to replace the entire glass.