Residential, Commercial & Security Window Tinting

Window Enhancements, LLC is owned and solely operated out of Mosinee, Wisconsin, by Dick Peterson. He has been self-employed since 1994, and during that time, he has been providing quality window coating that originated through his graphic design business, as demand for window coating increased in the area. As energy costs continued to rise and people became more conscious about energy conservation, interest in quality window coatings increased. By 2003, he had moved away from graphics and began his focus primarily on window tinting and solar energy control.

Since then, Window Enhancements has provided quality window service primarily to residential and commercial buildings. Some of the company’s past work includes the Mastercard World Headquarters in St. Louis and The Chicago Transit Authority, where Dick Peterson installed anti-graffiti film for the walkway over I-90. Window Enhancements has also worked with clinics, hospitals, and dental offices in providing solutions to glare, heating and cooling.

Security window films give companies an added bonus in providing them with windows that are less vulnerable to break-ins. Nevertheless, the comfort and security provided by window tint installations is not just for commercial buildings. Residential customers have the same reasons why they turn to Window Enhancements: to make the inside of their house more comfortable by reducing heat and glare, to save money on their energy bills and to give them the peace of mind of increased security for their homes.

Window Enhancements uses 3M Prestige Safety and Security Window Films and Vista Solar Energy Control Window Film for window enhancement projects and is one of three accredited installers in the state of Wisconsin and one of about 300 nationwide. The 3M Prestige film is also a Solar Energy Control Window Film. The Prestige series is a film that is lighter than most films but it blocks out more heat than the lighter films with the same amount of light passing through. Most people using it don’t want to change the outside appearance of the building.

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