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Heat Blocking Window Film Installation

Reduce Up to 78% of the Sun’s Heat

3M™ Heat blocking window film installation can reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through windows without sacrificing natural light or aesthetics. 

Lower Cooling Costs up to 30%

By reducing hot spots across your home or business, 3M™ heat blocking window tinting can help reduce your business cooling costs by up to 30%. 

Residential Heat Blocking Window Tinting

Adding heat blocking window films to the existing windows in your Wisconsin home is a great low cost solution to keep your rooms temperature comfortable while simultaneously helping reduce your energy bills without sacrificing any natural light.   To see the films in action, checkout this great video provided by 3M™ and legendary car designer Chip Foose.

Window Enhancements Residential Heat Blocking.jpg

Commercial Heat Blocking Window Tinting

Provide your employees, tenants or students additional comfort from hot zones generated by the sun without sacrificing their view, by having Mike and his team install heat blocking film for your existing windows in WI.

Window Enhancements Commercial Window Tint

Products we use:  3M™ Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series™ and 3M™ Sun Control Window Film Night Vision™ Series 

Window Enhancements LLC is a proud independent installer of 3M™ Window Films.   3M™ Heat Blocking window tinting provides a layer of protection against hot zones generated by the sun without sacrificing the natural light you enjoy. 

To view the available line of 3M™ Heat Blocking window films we expertly install in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest :

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